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Insurance4radioaidsystems provides 24-hour, 365-day cover for Radio Aid Systems against Accidental Damage/Loss/Theft


Allowing children to take full advantage of their Radio Aid Systems…

…domestically with the family and socially with friends, as well as in their educational environment

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£125 per year per Radio Aid System

(Equivalent to only 35p per day)

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Policy summary

The Policy was designed with key stakeholders in the community to give children full access to their Radio Aid System enhancing their personal development and life chances

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Claims process

Fully trained claims handlers minimise the time a child is without their Radio Aid System and minimise the school/LA administrative overhead

Why choose us? 

We ship replacements direct from supplier, no need for you to claim and order replacement

We provide a specialist policy, with no impact on your other insurance products when you make a claim

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