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  • A Radio Aid System (RAS) is the key solution to giving your deaf child equal access to education and therefore the best life chances.

  • Regrettably most children only have access to their RAS in school and not socially and domestically.

  • This is simply due to Local Authority (LA)/school funding problems, where they cannot take the risk/cost of loss outside the school environment.

  • More information on these points can be found on the National Deaf Children's Society website

  • Is your child bringing their RAS home and getting the full benefit of 24/7 access? If not, Aspen offers a solution to this problem with a unique, specialist insurance policy 'Insurance4radioaidsystems'. The policy can be purchased by parents, schools or LAs at £125 per RAS offering 24/7/365 cover.

  • Click the button to go to the policy ordering page.

  • Payment can be made by debit/credit card.

  • Your cover will be instant and you will receive your policy documents and invoice by email.

  • £125 per year per Radio Aid System.

  • (Equivalent to only 35p per day.)

Download our Insurance4radioaidsystems Information Sheet

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Policy summary

The Policy was designed with key stakeholders in the community to give children full access to their Radio Aid System enhancing their personal development and life chances.

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Claims process

Fully trained claims handlers minimise the time a child is without their Radio Aid System by replacing them direct from the supplier.

What is a RAS?

What is a RAS?

What are they for?

Who provides them?

For more information on RAS, download the

'How radio aids can help' booklet for families, from the National Deaf Children's Society website.

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