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  • Is proof of ownership required to make a claim?
    No, unlike most insurance policies, proof of ownership is not required to make a claim.
  • How do I buy the insurance?
    Click the ‘Buy now’ button on the Home page. This will take you to the insurance administrator’s ordering page. You can pay by debit or credit card. You will need your contact details, the equipment description details and the equipment serial numbers. When you click the final ‘Pay Now’ button, the equipment will be on cover, and you will receive your policy documents and an invoice by email.
  • How quickly are claims assessed?
    We appreciate the impact of lost or damaged equipment on children and claims are normally assessed within 1 working day. We have purchasing agreements with all the major suppliers so we can quickly authorise replacement equipment to be sent directly to you.
  • One of our children only has 1 receiver or has 2 transmitters.
    Please Contact us for any Radio Aid System not configured as 1 transmitter and 2 receivers.
  • We purchased our child's Radio Aid System ourselves, it does not belong to the school/LA. Can we purchase the Insurance4radioaidsystems policy directly?​"
    Yes you can. Anyone can purchase the policy.
  • We hope to be abroad on holiday later in the year, is the Radio Aid System still covered?"
    Yes, for up to 30 days anywhere worldwide​.
  • Is there a policy excess?
    No, there is no policy excess. In addition the policy premium will not increase in the event of a claim being made.
  • Will a claim effect other insurance policies that we have?
    No, a claim will not effect any other insurance policies that you may have.
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